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refurbishing a hammer

When hammering silver pieces, it's important to have the tool you're working with as smooth as possible. Steel is way harder than sterling silver and any mark on your hammer surface will print onto your silver piece resulting in you having to work more. So here's a simple tip on how to refurb your hammer. First start with a rough grit sand paper. I used 180. Completely sand all the marks down until the surface is even. Then use a finer grit to smooth the surface. I used 400. Then I went straight to polish. I used tripoli to bring the shine back. I could have gone further and use green compound or the blue one but for the usage I make of this tool, this was enough.

That is no bueno

After 180 sand paper.

A little smoother after 400 sandpaper.

Now that’s something good to work with.

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